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moses5We usually only teach to senior managers at large corporations how to innovate. However, we’ve been getting requests from individuals and small businesses, to see if  it might be possible to experience our Total Breakthrough Intensive. So we thought, wow, that’s a great idea! Especially now, in this withering recession, we should be sharing the secrets of personal and professional success as widely as possible.

The Total Breakthrough Intensive will debut later this year, in several regions. We’re developing a weekend workshop that combines personal and professional development, that combines firewalks and other motivational exercises, with solid and no-nonsense business advice and training. The goal of the training intensive is to unlock your business creativity by breaking through your inner fears, to reach what we call ecstatic entrepreneurship , to bring you to a state of grace, joy in work, radical creativity and personal excellence.

I’ll be teaching this workshop with two very special business coaches – who are both remarkably creative, successful and filled with heart.

pcw-smallDr. Po Chi Wu is the Executive Director of the Global Innovation Research Center at Peking University. Having been a highly successful international venture capitalist who has lived and worked both in the United States and in Asia, he brings a wealth of experience and insight into the challenges of innovation and entrepreneurship. Previously, he was a successful venture capitalist in Silicon Valley.

He calls himself a “recovering venture capitalist”, but the truth is that he’s one of the most enlightened beings I’ve ever met. He has a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from Princeton University  and B.A. degrees in Mathematics and Music from the University of California at Berkeley.  His family includes several generations of illustrious scholars. His great grand-father was a Hanlin Scholar in the Ching Dynasty. His father, Professor Wu, Ta-You, retired from the Presidency of the Academia Sinica in Taiwan at the age of 88 and was considered the “The Father of Modern Physics in China”. He is a modern day scholar warrior of the classical Chinese tradition, who has combined the rigors of academic excellence with the realities of business warfare.

mj_001Michael Jones is an accomplished and widely recognized pianist and musical innovator (his album Pianoscapes is a bestseller on the Narada label), an inspired speaker, storyteller and creative facilitator, and a gifted writer, thought leader and communicator who has been engaged in transforming leadership for over 30 years. His books, Artful Leadership and Creating an Imaginative Life are testaments to a man who can see the value of intangibles – presence, intuition, grace, beauty, gifts and voice – in business today.

He foresees an opportunity for a renaissance in leadership practice; a time for leaders to experience and understand a new, more subtle intelligence, as a way of offering an imaginative response to our world. With this new intelligence leaders may explore the intersections between dialogue, authentic leadership, the creative impulse and collective innovation in a manner that is inspired, organic and whole.

This intensive will help you and your colleagues to break through to a new level of success, especially during such a deep and pervasive recession. So if you’re ready to get serious about unlocking your business creativity, to start up your new venture, to take your business partnerships to the next level… this workshop was built for you.

The Total Breakthrough Intensive is all about accessing and commanding your deep personal power and integrating  it with your professional life, to achieve a higher level of excellence and success. If you’re ready to make a quantum leap into a new consciousness of breakthrough manifestation that is fully grounded in reality, let us know.

Workshop topics

  • Affirmation, Concretization, and Manifestation in business and life
  • Breaking through resistance, doubt, fears, limiting thought forms
  • Firewalk, Glasswalk, and other motivational exercises
  • The Five P’s: preparation, patience, persistence, persuasion, productivity
  • The bottom line about what you need to raise venture capital
  • Hints for better business plans
  • Finding a life that balances compensation and creativity
  • Unlocking Creativity – a lecture/concert by Michael Jones

If you’re interested in attending one of our intensives, just click below and we’ll send you more details…


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