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NextGEN Consulting and Ventures is all about innovation, and helping you reprogram your corporate DNA for success. NextGEN offers the Breakthrough Innovation program, that offers a complete system for revitalizing companies, with modules for team breakthrough, strategic re-alignment, world class innovation trainings and workshops, and next generation software that helps companies better manage their innovation resources. We also manage a number of innovative startups.

Revolution for innovation resource management

Revolution™ for innovation resource management

We designed our first innovation resource management application years ago – we’re also leading edge software developers – and successfully deployed our first generation ideation management system for a major financial service company three years ago. Now, after extensive development, we’ve released the world’s first second generation innovation web application – Revolution™ for Innovation.

Revolution is developed specifically to help your company develop an effective, sustainable, repeatable innovation competency. It is a core collaboration solution for helping teams capture, refine, evaluate and manage ideas and knowledge – all within a structured innovation pipeline for managing a portfolio of innovation initiatives. It’s a knowledge repository for your most valuable corporate asset – breakthrough ideas – that’s customized to fit your natural business process. It’s a realtime analysis tool that gives your executive team the ability to perform instant innovation audits and to drive your collective brainpower in the right direction.

At its core, it’s a hyper-collaboration platform that enables intelligent workflow. For example, instead of just offering a forum, we extend that core technology with keyword analytics and expert systems to improve the underlying quality of ideation and innovation at your company. Instead of just providing simple activity tracking, we embed “action tags” into social activity to enable social workflow™ – e.g., we turn low value social activity into high value business process. And by adaptively weighting polling algorithms, we can turn your social network into a kind of neural network, enabling the optimization of your innovation decision-making so you can find disruptive innovations and hit products sooner and more reliably.

thinkspotsBut we don’t stop at software. We can help you redesign your workplace for better teamwork, creativity and accelerated innovation. Our next generation ThinkSpot™ brainstorm facility includes an advanced digital whiteboard, immersive telepresence, and a revolutionary user interface for  brainstorming based on NGV’s open methodology for visual ideation… What’s more it’ll fully integrate with Revolution, so the fruits of your labor are recorded in the innovation system automatically, with relevant metadata automatically generated for your corporate search engine to discover or remember.

Award winning executive communications

Award winning executive communications

We offer innovation training at all levels of the organization, from executive coaching to our six week immersive curriculum that teaches everything from design ethnography to visual ideation to writing compelling elevator pitches. Additionally, we can help executives craft inspirational innovation directives – using independent filmmaking techniques. Here’s the 5 minute pep talk that we shot for Wells Fargo, which was hailed as their best internal video of the year.

It’s well known that creativity hides in the brain’s right hemisphere, and our innovation workshops have included everything from qigong to gravity inversion to sculpting and art workshops to firewalking and breaking boards with your bare hands, in order to get people to learn how to see, think and ideate in new ways. Our proprietary methodology for group ideation, called The Brainspa, has been reviewed as, “the best brainstorming session we’ve ever had – off the charts – A+++!”.

The key is that we’re not interesting in selling and injecting OUR innovation culture into your company, but instead we aim to help you find YOUR true innovation culture and reinforce it. That’s true for our training, our software, our tools and our toys… it’s all about helping you find  YOUR voice. Once you know where you want to take your company, we’ll help you get there.

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